Scarves- a stylish and chic put on for every girl

January 17, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Clothing For Women

Scarves, fashion accessoriesScarves are one of the most common fashion accessories since years. The good bit with scarves is that these could be donned by any woman, irrespective of age. Scarves have the charisma to turn any dress from drab to fab.

The most popular scarves are the silk scarves. These are perfect for a sophisticated & royal outlook and look amazing when teamed with a nice long dress or a solid colored long top. You will get the silk scarves in single colors while options with floral or animal prints are available as well. If you are looking for a cozy feel there cannot be a better option than the pashmina scarves. The pashmina scarf is woven from cashmere wool extracted from the Himalayan goats.

Then, you have the wraps- an ultra trendy version of the scarves. These are little bigger in size than the regular scarves and are available in both silk & cashmere.

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