Glam up your simple dress with a chunky ring

May 17, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Summer Fashion

Dressing styles, dressing tipsDo you need to flaunt a glamorous look at an evening party? In summers you can definitely not go for a heavy make up for a very gorgeous dress. So, what to do to get the gorgeous look? Well, you can enhance your entire appearance with just a chunky ring. Rings if chosen correctly with the dress become the centre of attraction and people will be too busy to see your ring rather than concentrating on what you are wearing.

There are various designs and styles in which these chunky rings are available. You will get a lot of colour options as well. Some rings are pretty heavy can cover almost your finger while some are small, sharp and totally dazzling. Rings with a single big stone and metallic framing around it look really classy. Some rings contain a mix of contemporary and vintage design to give a unique look.

Scoop neck embroidered dresses for warm summer days

November 13, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Clothing, Summer Fashion

Come summer and people are out to flaunt their best. From clunky accessories to embroidery and sequin it’s the time to show the best of your wardrobe. Scoop neck dresses are very popular among the customers these days. The straight fit of these days is elegant as well as trendy. The loose fittings also help in hiding many of the figure flaws. The scoop dresses not only enhance your facial features but also visually lengthen your body.

For people little short of inches low scoop dresses paired with heels can make girls look very appealing. If such a dress is embroidered too, then you can very well expect the effect. Embroidery combined with low scoop is one of the most attractive combinations. The best part of scoop necks is that they suit the women of every age group From grandma to granddaughter everybody can don them.
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Colors for summer

July 29, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Clothing, Fashion, Summer Fashion

Summer is a great time to try colors; flowing robes and scarves, kaftans, loose dresses resembling an extension of body and all of these in motley colors. Summer raises our spirit to try the pastoral shades with the earthy ones. The crazy bright turquoise, broccoli, fuchsia shades along with those high on the magenta and the mauve and the yellow and cerise meter.

In almost all the fashion stores, perpetrated by the mass designing in world fashion market, stocks come in a riot of colors. Yes, to beat summer it is advisable to go with the lighter shades as they absorb less heat and refract more. It is a handy coincidence that the lighter ones that are higher on functional value are also more stylized and gorgeous looking. You should first find out what suits you more. Once, you have done that amount of research of your body, rush to any summer store and you won’t be disappointed.

Soothing Colors For Summer

June 15, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Clothing, Fashion, Summer Fashion

It is often said that soothing colors are only meant for winter and for spring but the truth is that you can look a great deal different with soothing colors for summer clothes and fashion accessories. It is a fact that the difficulty seems to be in combining two colors to make color schemes that would create a presentable ensemble. Besides presentable, the color combinations for clothes should actually look good!

For example this summer ladies could adorn baby pink would compliment perfectly with light summer attires that have brown and mint green. For guys, a baby pink shirt teamed up with gray and turquoise are unique color combination for the summer. Summer is somewhat synonymous with yellow thus use a dark pink to go with yellows, lime green and deep browns.

As an alternative this summer you could try out cherry red for dinners and official events and it looks great with blues, pale orange and pale yellow. For outdoor summer events throw in a lemon yellow, which goes well alone or with browns, blues and grays.

Sun Screen Shelter Fabrics

March 30, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Clothing, Summer Fashion


Exposure to sun can be very dangerous not only to the skin that is exposed but also to overall body system. Ultra violet rays in sunlight can harm the skin. Over exposure to the heat of the sun can cause sunstrokes. One can be fashionable yet wear the right protective clothing for sunlight. Bright colors like orange and red are very good to keep ultra violet rays. Similarly, wearing longer tunic tops with Capri pants can be a good option too.

This would suit a person walking on the beach where the sunlight can reflect from the sand and water too. Wide brimmed hats are good to keep off the sunlight from the head and the eyes and can look trendy too. Although cotton is the best fabric for keeping one cool under the hot sun, nylon and linen are extremely light and hence good options too. Microfibers and polyester are cheaper fabrics that are good for summers and don’t need much maintenance either.

Must Have Summer Accessories

April 15, 2009  //  Posted by: Fashion Designer  //  Category: Summer Fashion

nullFive must have accessories for summer is:

Light weight scarf are very popular as summer wear and it is considered as a symbol of fashion.

Floppy hat holds great importance as it protects skin and eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Hats are available in various designs such as straw hat, printed hat and colored hat.

A sunglass serves as a symbol of style as well as protects eyes from sunlight. It helps to keep eyes cool. You can get cheap as well as costly sunglasses but keep in mind that it must be capable of satisfying the primary need of protecting your eyes.

Summer is the season when most people plan out for vacation on the beach and so buying beach bag is important. This bag will contain all the items such as towels, sun block, sunglasses, soap and many other which are required on the beach.

Buy cotton clothes fro summer so that you feel cool and relaxed.

These are the five must have summer accessories to buy.