Sneaker wedges for a effortless glam look

October 22, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Smart Fashion

Sneaker wedgesSneaker wedges have become very popular these days. One of the main reasons for this huge popularity is that they can be sported in every occasion.  You do not have to go to the stores and get new outfits just to wear with your new wedge sneakers. They can be perfectly teamed with your casual clothes. They look great with plain t shirts and shorts.

You can also team it up with a well knit sweater and a pair of jeans. They could work just fine for your work as well. Black sneakers may look quite good with buttoned down blazers. They can also be teamed with skirts and shorts. They will give a very trendy and cool appeal to whoever sports them in that fashion.  Therefore, if you want to show your legs off with a pair of shorts or a short skirt, wedge sneakers are a perfect option.

How to dress up for your gym

July 16, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Smart Fashion

dress up for gymWhen the question is to learn about the way of how to dress up for the gym time, purpose should be your top-most priority. Style must be a second, as even if you’re looking to hook up with hot girls or not wearing spandex, your personal appearance must always straddle considered when you are in public so that, to maintain your reputation as a well decorated-dressed man.
Our instinct is to wear as less clothes as possible in the gym to stay cool, however covering up actually helps you with great benefits during the training time. As it comes to how to dress for gym time, unless and until you are a professional bodybuilder, try to avoid the barely-there, tiny-strapped muscle tank out at every cost. What you put on your bottom half must be efficient and stylish, both while working out. May be you can choose athletic pants or shorts; the length is a key element to consider wile dressing for the gym. Avoid men’s swimwear, cargo shorts, puffy cotton sweats, spandex, capris and yoga pants, all of which have been seen on the guys during the gym time and the heartily mocked inside many heads and many a times on Twitter also. If you need, take the fashion risk during gym time which is wearing shoes. Socks can be put on, basic white will be best. Athletic shoes however, are the one option in terms of appearance and performance. Wearing loafers, sandals, dress shoes. It will surely make one stand out however not in a good manner. One can wear the headgear and hand gloves too.

Turn heads with elegant Pashmina stoles

February 20, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Smart Fashion

Pashmina stoles are made from cashmere fabric which is very good in quality and comfort too. This fabric can be obtained in the Himalayas where the Pashmina stoles are very famous. If you visit the Himalayas do get yourself this stole. These stoles are usually handmade by using the best quality pashmina fabric after properly examining its quality. These stoles are very cheap, especially if you buy it from a hill station located in the Himalayas.

The embroidery work which is done on these stoles is worth praises. The skilled weavers do a fantastic job in making these stoles. These ethnic handmade masterpieces have become very popular among people who love to experiment and try new things in the latest fashion. You can have various styles and designs available for these Pashmina stoles which you can either wear during formal occasions as well as during informal ones. Multicolored stoles are very much in demand these days.

Springtime Fashion Tips for Women

December 15, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Fashion, Smart Fashion

Spring is the time of the year when you can show off your hot pants, high boots, and high dress splits. With the onset of spring comes the time to refresh your fashion wardrobe. The most popular fashion clothes for spring are the T-shirt. But nowadays T-shirts are not only referred to tops but dresses too which can worn as tops. Cotton knit are the latest trend these days.

Designers now employ glamorous look to the usual look of denim with different patterns like floral which especially look good during spring. For women who love their jumpsuits choose the ones that are brightly colored and in which you shall look slim and tall. If you love your shorts choose the ones that are made of silk instead. Select bright colors that compliment your skin and you can wear a nice silk shirt on top. Spring means a celebration of colors so mix colors, patterns, and styles to create your own fashion statement.

A brief introduction to fashion belts

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Fashion belts have added a different dimension to style especially when it comes to women’s apparel. Initially started in the 19th century with ladies’ skirt and blouse combinations, fashion belts have become a very important accessory in the latest fashion trends. A good belt can help highlight the curvier look of a woman.

Fashion belts can be distinguished by various categories. They could be thick, thin or wide. Some could be as thick as cowboy belts, while some could be as thin as a lace. Belts could also be plain, or made of intertwined strings or laces or jeweled and bright. Some belts are plain black and brown for official use, while some could be trendy, decorative and bright with a party look. Although leather is the most commonly used material, some belts are made of metals too. Belts are worn on the waist or sometimes even on the hips depending on the style of the apparel.

Luxury indulgence with velvet fabrics

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Velvet is one of the best looking fabrics around. Over the ages it has been used in varying colors, shades and designs to display a look of luxury and class. It is woven in a special kind of loom which weaves two pieces at the same time. The velvet can be crushed type or common.

In some cases velvet is blended with other fabrics of varying properties. Velvet is used to give upholstery, table clothes, curtains, bed sheets etc. a rich look. Purple, maroon, red and black are one of the most popular colors used for velvet fabric. Velvet is used for apparels as well where designers use graphic splicing, burn-out effects and dazzling colors. Flowing dresses with beautiful drapes are generally made by mixing velvet with silk and rayon to optimize the properties of the individual fabrics. The durability of velvet, its elegant look and the special care in weaving it make it one of the best fabrics.

Smart tips to choose the right kind of fashion for women

January 24, 2010  //  Posted by: Fashion Designer  //  Category: Clothing For Women, Smart Fashion

nullBeing a woman it is really very important to choose the right kind of fashion. But make sure you don’t choose it blindly as it would make you a victim of fashion. Some tips to choose the appropriate fashion for women are:

Know about the latest fashion trends from fashion magazines and shows. But also make sure that you are guided the right way as not all styles may look good on you. Be cautious while choosing your style.

An important aspect of clothing is to wear something that enhances the beauty of your body type. Certain dresses look wonderful on slender body types and that should not be tried on larger body frames.

Fashion is incomplete without the right kind of shoes, which enhances your overall look. While wearing a particular kind of dress, do not over look the importance of the right kind of shoes along with it.

Tips on Clothing to Look Slimmer

August 12, 2009  //  Posted by: Fashion Designer  //  Category: Clothing, Smart Fashion

nullIf your body is not in perfect shape or if you are overweight, then it can be quite frustrating for you to look for clothes in which you will look slimmer. But there are several tricks that you can play on your wardrobe to look slim.

Black colored clothing is always best to impart slim look to the body. Wear clothes which fit you perfectly, because too lose clothes will make you look even more bulky and tight fitting clothes will make you uncomfortable. If your legs are heavier, then opt for bright colored top or wear an attractive necklace to divert the attention of the people from your legs.

If your hips are wide, then make use of shoulder pad and neckline to achieve balance in the external looks. Avoid wearing pleated plants or pants having several pockets as it will draw the attention of the people to your midsection.