Can hair color make your face look thinner

January 30, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Fashion

Hair color, hair careHair color has grown to be a fashion trend of recent time even in places where hair color was unheard of. Many times when people wish to look thinner they go for hair colors. Just like horizontal stripes on clothes make one look shorter and vertical stripes make one look taller, in the same way hair color can affect our looks.

Dark and light vertical stripes in hair color can add to the look of your face a slim feel. This can be done in many ways or just simply by adding vertical streaks of a darker shade of color to the normal hair color. When coloring the hair completely dark hair color tend to give a slimmer look than curly light colored hair. Auburn or blonde hair can draw attention away from the cheeks and certain highlighting in hair color especially beside the face can make one look slimmer too.

Picking a dress for a formal party

January 23, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Fashion

 formal party wear, fashion tipsAre you trying hard to choose a dress for a formal party? This article will guide you to select one for the occasion. For a woman it’s tough to pick the right dress that suits them and for the party. There are lots of definitions going around for dressing for a formal party.

Here are some hand picked tips to choose a dress for the formal party:

• Selecting a dress should be based on the party. If it’s a high end dinner party, then it’s advised to wear a conventional formal dress.
• A good cocktail party dress goes well for both formal and a cocktail party. A good fashionable dress suits this purpose.
• If your skin tone is dark, it’s best to choose a jewel toned dress with purple or pink colors for the occasion.
• Choose a good quality fabric for the dress, otherwise it’ll give discomfort in wearing for long hours.

What to team up with your long baggy tee

November 29, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Fashion

fashion tips, dressing tipsBaggy tee shirts are very popular these days. It has become a part of the popular street culture. They are mostly sported by the street dancers or the rappers in the streets of America or at least, that is where the trend has emerged from. Baggy tees can be sported in a lot of different ways. They can go perfect with Bermudas.

If you want to deck up a little bit, you can wear a checked shirt over your baggy tee and keep it unbuttoned. This will give you a very cool and casual look. Baggy tees should not be teamed with skinny jeans. The look that you will get in doing so will be a complete disaster. If you are wearing jeans with a baggy tee, it has to be baggy as well. As far as girls are concerned, a baggy tee can be perfectly teamed with a denim hot pant where the tee will be tucked in and the sleeved rolled up.

Sheer stockings in different colors: A must have fashion accessory

June 14, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Fashion

Sheer stockings, women's fashionSheer stockings are an excellent fashion statement to showcase the womanly side. It makes an outfit look more elegant and complete. Sheer stockings are timeless and style appealing. These not only add a classy fashionable statemnet to yor stlyle but make you attractive and modish. In most cases these stockings help to disguise pasty skin, razor bumps, skin infections, cellulites or any other imperfections thus helping you not to feel uncomfortable or conscious about your legs. Instead you get to buy yourself a stunning look and feel dashing. Hosiery of different colors and design are wardrobe staple. They simply makes a women feel feminine and great by giving her a compact look with any dress any time.

A black stockings with a short black dress is must wear no matter how glowing or smooth your skin may be. Opaque colors must be avoided that contrasts with the dress as they clash with the elegance of the dress.

Top five children fashion for the year

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The top five children fashion tips for the year are as follows:


1) One of the most contemporary styles for kids is fabrics that are durable and heavy denim clothes. A nice pair of pants of cotton or cargo and a good denim jean that would be of dark shade are a must for the kids. These pants would make the kid look good and also provide with protection when they are outside.     2) Girls should be dressed in leggings. While the boys can look very smart in jeans, girls can look really pretty in leggings and jumpers that are long nit. Patent black boots with the leggings can make them look very fashionable. 3) For the winters, you can get knitted dresses for your kids that are of colors that are vibrant. These clothes can be teamed with a lot of outfits. 4) Frocks are never out of fashion. Little frocks for little girls are back in fashion and they can be ideal for the summers. 5) Dungarees are a nice way of being in fashion for the boys this year.

How to dress up for a wedding

April 09, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Fashion

wedding dress, dress for weddingIt’s the dream of every girl to look stunning on her wedding day. Your plans, expectations, busy schedule of pre wedding jitters don’t let you to think much about your wedding day. So here are some tips to help you with your wedding day.

One of the most important things that you need to keep in your mind while choosing your wedding dress is the wedding theme. Your wedding dress should go with the theme. If the theme is light or bright day then go for diamonds and light color and design wedding dress because if you go for the darker embroidery or work in light theme you may look extra bold and won’t match with the theme and look alien. And if the theme is the darker one then you can go for the extra embroidery and works on your wedding dress.

While selecting your dress take some extra care of the length, material, pattern of tiers and the style of your dress. Try lots and lots of style, length and fabric and choose the best suited one. And try to be happy from inside because at last it’s the beauty from within which gets reflected. The guests should praise you with the dress not only the dress.

Let your shoes do the talking

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designer shoes, shoesThey say you can understand a man from his shoes. Today getting the best dress just isn’t enough; you need to accessorize it well. Get the best shoes and watches that compliment your attire and make you stand out in the crowd.

If you want to have a versatile collection of shoes without burning a hole in your pocket then the best place to shop is online. Let your shoes do all the talking by making sure that you have at least one pair each for formal, informal and party dressing.

Today there are unlimited collections of shoes to choose from. From the extremely classy and sophisticated business shoes that compliment your formal attire to the classic and relaxed ones for your informal outings with family or colleagues. For those who party, there is an unlimited collection of party wear shoes available. Not only girls, even men these days are spoilt for choice.

Simple tips to stay in style throughout the day

September 25, 2011  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Fashion

Do you want to present yourself in a charismatic way at the glittering socializing platforms? Well then you need to follow a couple of guidelines you keep up your personality that reflects style and exuberance.

Keeping a good tab with the current style mantras via multiple media is the most important condition to shine your persona. Check out for the latest urban trend in terms clothing, eating habits and lifestyle choices. If you have good knowledge regarding what could be installed as brilliant style statements you will be better equipped to bring some useful changes to your life.

Always shop according to your budget and consider spending money over things with which you are comfortable. Don’t fluctuate your fashion statement according to the come and go trends. A smart individual always cling to the classics in order to portray himself in a decent manner. Acquire simple and suitable accessories while dressing up and don’t flaunt an extravagant or messy look just to reflect an alternative styling statement desperately.

Tips to dress up for your big night

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Wondering what to wear for your big night and look your best? There is nothing better than looking attractive and classy at a special night out or at a party. Your dress is the most important and sole factor which can either make or destroy your appearance. Hence, you must be very careful in choosing the dress.

You should always go for a dress in which you will feel comfortable as it is a matter of the whole night. The dress should fit you well complimenting your body curves else it will ruin the whole thing. Make sure that you choose the right make up which matches with the dress. A very flashy makeup with a light shade dress will look totally weird. If you are planning to wear high heels, make sure that you do not end up feeling crippled.

Eyes are one of the vital portions where the right make up can crate wonders. As it is a night out, you can go for bold and dusky looks with a lot of liner, kohl and mascara. If you have big eyes already, go for a milder make up that will enhance the beauty and not exaggerate it.

Tips to maintain proper vital stat for women

April 22, 2011  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Fashion, Fashion Tips

By maintaining a vital stat especially in the case of women is something a lot of them will do to have. The vital stats for women are the three bust, waist and hips, which are 32, 22 and 32 respective as it is said. These 3 things are so precious to women that they will do just anything to have the perfect combination. There are several ways by which you can get these perfect stats and they are

1. Healthy Eating: by having a healthy eating habit, you can maintain your stats. Reduce the number of cholesterol that you take in daily and include lots of vegetables in your daily diet. This can be effectively done by consulting a dietician who will tell you what you can eat to get the perfect stat.

2. Exercising And Working: a daily dose of workout and exercise can also help you to create the perfect stats.

3. Surgery: this is the last resort most women go to, when they see that the two methods are not working and also other method that you have tried and failed, they resort to plastic surgery where they can get what they want, though it is expensive, but as the women are, they are ready to pay the price.