How to select party dresses for your kid

February 25, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Fashion Tips

party dresses for your kid, party dressesIf your kid is going for a party then you should dress him/her appropriately. Your kid must look the best. So that your kid looks the best you will need to select the party dress for your kid. Some of the tips which will help you choose the appropriate one are-

  • The first important thing to keep in mind is the comfort. Your child must be very comfortable wearing the dress. Your child is attending the party so that he/she has fun and so that he enjoys the party. If your child is not comfortable then he/she will not be able to enjoy.
  • The size is another factor. When you select a party dress make sure it fits your child in the best way. Ill fitted clothes look bad on children as they have under developed bodies.
  • The location of the party is another factor which should be kept in mind when you purchase the dress. If it is a beach or garden party chose bright sunny colors. Formal colors will look great if it is a party at some one’s place.

Choose the dress with care so that your child looks stunning at the party.

Going Glam With Faux Fur Coats

January 05, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Fashion Tips

Faux Fur Coats, fashion tipsA fur coat is one of the most desirable apparels which every woman dreams of having. But there are ethical issues and sentiments involved in regards of fur coats and authentic fur coats are also very expensive. But if you want to have a fur coat and carry off that look, then you should definitely go for faux fur coats. They look authentic, they are cheaper, and they are available in several different colors, styles, and designs. Many designer brands have also jumped on this fashion bandwagon considering the growing popularity and demand of faux fur coats.

You can get these at your nearest mall or boutique or even shop for them online. If you go online to shop for such fashion apparels you will have a wide range of choices from different brands and designs. You can select your size and choice of faux fur coat and order them with a few clicks of the mouse and your product will be delivered to you within a few days. Team up your coat with a pair of skinny jeans and high heels or a short denim skirt and boots.

Accessorizing Your Footless Tights

October 16, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Fashion Tips

Fashion accessories, fashion tipsFootless tights are those tights which end at the ankles like pants. They are skin tight and are made of many materials, mostly of cotton and synthetic fiber of net. You can accessorize them with a lot of clothes and accessories. The right tees, skirts or shorts and shoes will help you create the perfect outfit for you in no time. You can try wearing old colors too instead of the general black tights. You can wear pink, lime green and even galaxy styled or multicolored tights if you want.

Ankle length boots look great with these tights. Baggy tees and shorts with footless tights are in vogue these days, these accessorized with great danglers or a chunky bracelet or even a belt look great. An oversized bag is a must. Oversized bags go with almost anything so experiment with your looks. Mix and match and let your imagination run wild with footless tights.

Looking angelic this honeymoon

October 12, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Fashion Tips

honeymoon fashion, fashion tipsYour honeymoon is certainly one of the most phenomenal trips of your life and make sure you look your angelic best making the occasion all the more special. If you are planning for a beach honeymoon, swimsuits or a chic bikini is a must. Why don’t you order a nice bikini this time with your marital name like “Mrs. Brown” embedded on it!

Then, don’t forget to pack a couple of sundresses this time. You have to look your feminine best this time and sundresses are the best way to accentuate your beauty making you all the more irresistible to your man. Bring along your strappy sandals this time to pair up with the sundresses. Don’t forget to put on the beautiful sleek jewelry you got from your man on your Big day.

Count on buttoned down shirts and trousers on your daytrips. Leave out the sweatshirts and jeans this time when you are on the honeymoon.

3 options among flat footwear

September 19, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Fashion Tips

flat footwear, shoesIf you are not a huge fan of high heels or cannot wear them for weight or other reasons then flat footwear are the best options for you. There is a general misconception among people that there are only a lot of varieties to choose from when it comes to high heels. However there is a lot of flat footwear to choose from as well. The three most popular options when it comes to flat footwear are as follows:

• Sandals and slippers: there are beautiful and trendy slippers and sandals to choose from today and these can be worn with any form of clothes and to almost any occasion.
• Flat heels: if you want to wear high heels but dread the pencil ones that eat into your legs then flat heels are a good option. They hurt less and are just as trendy.
• Sneakers: these are one of the best flat footwear around and perfect for your legs.

Accessorizing a simple summer dress

July 21, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Fashion Tips

Summer dressing tips, summer fashionIf you want to emphasize your dress you should go for the appropriate jewelry. One of the best ways of accessorizing your summer dress is to wear a bold necklace in order to spice up the simple summer dress.

You can go with neons, crystals, floral accents with the necklaces and it will look simply perfect. If you think that the dress is too simple, you do not have to worry about it as the necklace will be in the foreground view. Belts are also a very good way of accessorizing your simple summer dress. If you have a flowing dress you can clinch it up with a nice and matching belt. It will be trendy as well as original. You could go with a corset belt, a silk scarf or a wrap around belt made of leather. You will get a different look for the dress and slim the waistline at the same time.

Picking up that designer wear

July 11, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Fashion Tips

Designer wear, fashion tipsImpression and confidence comes with a good sense of dressing. Designer suits would be the best attire to get others to know your personality. Colours and designs have a variety like the navy blue cottons or the charcoal woolen fabrics might look good in grey and even the purples’ can be a bet along with the stark black formals. The perfect attire for all meets and occasions. Tailoring details with unique cuts and style combinations can create a fashion statement. Online stores have designer options at affordable prices though the designer customized stores are at your service in different city corners, but the prices can be a bet too.

Before purchasing designer sarees, the occasion and the fashion trend should be your judging factor. Be specific and clear, express your customizations and budget to get the best choices, otherwise your money value might not turn up your purchase worth. The local markets can be a good research place, to avoid vague deals at designer stores.

Dressing for a beach party

June 29, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Fashion Tips

Dressing tips, fashion tipsDressing up for a beach party is fun as you can have a splash of colors and freshness to exude from your attire and hence yourself. Select your outfit according to the location of the party, whether it is indoors or outdoors. For outdoor beach party, you would want to carry sunscreen glasses, hats and other accessories to keep protected from the sun’s harsh rays. Your dress should be such that it provides comfort to you as well as make you look fresh and chilled out. Wear something in which you can socialize comfortably without being self conscious, tank tops, shorts, bikinis, sarongs make the perfect beachwear combinations. Do not forget to carry an extra set of clothes for changing if you get too sandy or wet. Accessorize yourself with jewelry not too heavy but accenting your clothes and the theme, if any. Wear proper footwear for beach parties, you might also carry water sneakers for beach games and sports. Additional layers should be carried for parties going on till evening.

How to dress up for a semi formal get together

June 09, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Fashion Tips

Dressing tips, fashion tipsFashion has made semi-formal attires luscious enough to make it a gate-crasher for any event. This dress down policy is introduced in most MNCs and bigger Indian Organizations that have embraced the fact that the employees can get into something comfortable on the weekend.

However, the best semi-formals could be a formal skirt or a pant teemed with a t-shirt or a cozy top. But, as we know that fashion is not static so fashion designers and boutiques have set up commercial houses to display the trends in semi-formal attires. It is no more just a t-shirt and denim. You could choose from a short kurti, floral tops to casual tops with embroidery, or puff sleeves and completed by three fourth denims or pants in cotton and lycra and much more.

In fact, the dress pattern has become so successful today the some of the brides go semi-formal on their d-day to avoid carrying the heavy gown around.

How to accessorize your cotton white dress for maximum appeal

May 27, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Fashion Tips

Accessories with white dress, fashion tipsSummer is the ideal time for the cotton clothes. And the color white makes the apparel all the more soothing. But in order to get the complete look why not use it with a few accessories.

The color white generally goes well with everything. Try to keep the make-up as simple as possible. You can go for small diamond ear rings and necklace. If you can’t afford diamond go with the simple pearl sets. You can put a beautiful watch in your hand and use a bracelet in the other. If your hair is short then keep it open. But if it is of bigger length tie it in a knot to give that casual look. Accessorize it with a matching bag which will compliment your dress. You can use “kajal” to highlight your eyes and a light lipstick shade. Simple slippers will do if you are partying with your friends but opt for some fashionable shoe like stilettos for special occasion.