Hair accessories for Valentine’s Day

January 11, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Fashion Accessories

Hair accessories, fashion accessoriesIf you are planning to look fabulous this Valentine’s Day, then you can do a lot of things to give yourself a quick makeover for 14th Feb. this year. Focus on your hair. Having a good hairstyle an easily make your whole look remarkably pretty. So, since there’s still time, start taking care of your hair as you should be able to have healthy hair so that you can accessorize and style it accordingly when V Day arrives.

There are several cute hair accessories which you can sue to dress up on Valentine’s Day. You can choose colors like red and pink which are the obvious choices. But you can add a little silver sparkle on your bands, clips and other hair accessories for a funky and girly look. Mix and match the hair accessories styles with your outfit. You can also go for temporary coloring and accessorize your hair with streaks of colors you like. This is for people who are looking for a funky bold look so stay away from such experiments if you’re not sure if you can carry these off or not.

3 fun caps to get this winter

December 07, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Fashion Accessories

winter accessories, capsWinter is probably the most enjoyable part of the year for the bigger part of the world. This season allows people to put on heavier dresses to increase their beauty and that is why the market becomes colorful with the availability of many woolen clothes. Apart from sweaters, jackets, and pullovers, the sellers of these garments also maintain a huge stock of woolen caps. These caps are also made with various techniques which make them more useful and colorful.

Woolen caps and caps made with quilt are popular choice for the users during this season of winter. Woolen caps are generally knitted either with hands or on machines and that is why they are quite good in quality as well as in performance. The leather caps are also popular among the hilly or mountainous regions where winter is more chilling. These caps have a lining inside which makes them even warmer.

Go glam with hats for all occasions

November 23, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Fashion Accessories

Fashion accessories , hatsHats can make great fashion accessories. They are perfect for glamorous occasions as well as casual gatherings. There are a many different kinds of hats that are available and each one of them has their own significances. If you want to wear a hat for the casual gatherings, you can go with the casual baseball caps.

They look very sporty and they can be teamed quite well with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. Round gats can also be a good option if you are looking to make a statement with your attire. Huge Texas hats can give you a very stylish look if you wear them with checked shirts and well fit jeans. If you want a New York City gangster look, you can go for the bandana type hats that fit the outer contour of the head. This will keep the head warm and it will also add a very stylish touch.

Adorn your neck with designer scarves

October 30, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Fashion Accessories

designer scarves, fashion tipsA wide range of designer scarves are available in the market. Thus it is pretty challenging to spot the apt one as per your requirement. If you want to adorn your neck with designer scarves then before you buy them you must keep certain things in mind. It is important that you check what length of scarf suits your requirement. If scarves only mean a fashion accessory for you then silk scarves are the safest and best bet.

If you are going to use scarves as an outerwear then you should look for the ones that are warm and thick preferably closely knit ones. High end brands that market a wide variety of scarves include Fendi-an Italian brand, Burberry- a British brand, Givenchy- a French brand etc. whether you choose to use it in a halter style or a dress wrap, a good designer scarf is the perfect accessory to enhance your dressing sense and attract compliments.

Fashion accessories for kids

October 19, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Fashion Accessories

Fashion accessories , kid's fashionKid’s fashion is something you should not overlook. There is no pint in thinking that kids should not wear accessories. Your kid can look fashionably cute with right accessories. All you have to do is find the right accessories from the right place. The place to look for is the internet. You will get a lot of options on the online stores.

There are necklaces for little girls with pendants of animated characters and watches with cartoon themed dials for boys. You can also look around for the various kinds of bags for the little one. There are a lot of options starting from schoolbags to mini vanity bags. There are a lot of options on the funky earrings as well. You could look around for hair bands, bracelets, socks and many other cool items for the kids. Therefore, if you think that fashion accessories are not for the kids, you should give it another thought.

Accessorizing a pair of white jeans

September 26, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Fashion Accessories

summer fashion, fashion tipsOne of the main essentials for your summer wardrobe is a pair of white jeans. White jeans are very much in vogue these days. The best kind of white jeans are the skinny white jeans. If you have the body to carry it off, you should definitely go for these. You can ever wear these jeans in winter with a great pair of calf length tan colored boots. You can definitely accessorize them well in the summers with a pair of high heels or flats. You can wear a baggy tee or even well fitted sleeveless tops would be an excellent idea.

The best part is that you can wear these jeans with part wear tops and casual everyday tops too. You can even wear these tops with a nice crisp shirt and keep your hair open to make the outfit look glamorous. Oversized bags are in fashion these days and any single colored oversized bag would look great with white jeans.

Biker chick style with the right accessories

September 09, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Fashion Accessories

Biker chick style, fashion tipsGetting a biker chick look is not a difficult job. All you need is the right kind of attitude and the right clothes. You have to have a rugged look at all times and use a lot of black, purple and even silver in your accessories and clothes. Boots are a must. Ankle or calf length leather or faux leather boots look amazing with well fitted pencil shaped jeans.

For accessories you can mix and match big earrings. You can also get more than one piecing. An eyebrow or chin piercing looks sexy on women as well so make use of that. Keep your hairstyle casual and unkempt. Use dark eye shadow or eyeliner to get that smoky eyed look. Have a sling bag with you and not a hand bag as you need to look and be fluid and flexible as well. Make sure that you don’t over do it. A jeans or leather jacket in denim or black leather should complete the look.

Hats for a fashionable look

September 05, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Fashion Accessories

Stylish hats, fashion tipsHats have been around for several years. Farmers, dancers, working people and even big fashion houses swear by hats. A hat has the capability to jazz up any outfit, given that right selection is made. Here is a guide to using hats the right way to create the right impression.

Summer is one of the best times when you can experiment with big hats and flowery dresses. A visit to the beach or just a day time hang-out with friends- if its summer, a hat is a must. You can also decorate your hat with a simple flowing ribbon to get that edgy look. Some of the most popular hats of these times are lumberjacks, Russian soldier hat and even Eskimo hats. You can find a variety of colors and shapes and even decorated patterned hats for winter wear. Whatever you do, make sure that it compliments your outfits. Keep it simple but fashionable.

Accessorizing up a simple white dress

June 23, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Fashion Accessories

Accessories with white dress, fashion tipsThe white is always a preferred color for many women. Especially as soon as the summer sets in, many the white becomes very popular. But the white dress always doesn’t look very attractive and stunning as dresses of other colors may appear. Even with heavy embroidery works, your white dress may appear a bit dull to you. You can very easily make it look attractive and bright just by using a few simple things. Since white is a very good base color, therefore it goes well with any color. You can use beads of a variety of color like red, orange, blue etc can be used to design your white dress into something extraordinary.

You should decide a particular design for placing the beads. You can consult the fashion magazines or internet for this. You can also use threads of various colors to end up with certain colorful designer embroideries on your plain white dress. After you are done with all these, your dress will have its new appealing look.

Scarves, something for every occasion

May 12, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Fashion Accessories

Scarves can be a great way to accessorize your dress. They can be little but they are highly effective. The scarves that are made by hand are absolutely fantastic. Nowadays, not only women but also even men are finding ways to make a fashion statement with scarves. They can be used in a number of ways, which make them a versatile fashion accessory. Scarves can be very fashionable for your workplace. You can keep a few silk scarves in your office desk so that you can wear one of them when there is an important meeting and you have to impress your clients.  Scarves can be fashionable at the time of traveling as well.

Since packing is never a problem with scarves, they can be used any time during traveling. When you are traveling by car, you can use your scarf to cover your head so that your hair is not messed up and just drape it round your neck and shoulders when you step out.