Why are paddler shoes must have in your wardrobe

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paddler shoes, shoesThe paddler shoes are very important for those people who are adventure lovers and go out for tours very frequently. The paddler shoes are much more durable and tough in comparison with the normal shoes so you can use them very easily while going out for some adventurous trips. These shoes are not affected by the rough and stony road surfaces where any normal shoes will tear and wear.

They are also not water so you can even use these shoes whenever you are going for some water activities or going to a place where there is water. Instead of buying a new one every time you plan a trip or not taking a normal shoe to such a place, it is always advisable to have paddler shoes in your wardrobe as it will make your adventure experience a perfect one and you will not have to face any problem regarding your shoes on your trip.

Over sized handbags: why are they a must have item in your closet

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Over sized handbags, fashion accessoriesOne of the most popular accessories of women when they go out is the handbags. In fact they have become an obsession now for many women. There are various handbags that are popular in the market namely satchel, cross body bag, hobo and shoulder bag. Out of all these the oversized handbag is the most popular.

There are many reasons why you must have an oversized hand bag in your closet. The first and foremost reason is it helps to carry lots of stuff be it personal or official due to its big size. If you have a kid to move around with then you can carry almost every essential item of his in your bag and you will not have to carry anything else separately. There are many essential things that oversized handbags can carry such as car keys, makeup kit, kid’s toys, phone, purse, chewing gum and many other things. Secondly there are various designs of these oversized handbags and they are very fashionable too.

Picking that perfect purse for your nigh out

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Trendy purses, fashion accessoriesChoosing the perfect purse for any event may sometimes become as difficult as selecting the dress or outfit. However, five golden points are listed below to make your life easy:

1. Purpose: purse selection should be made depending on the occasion. Use your mind and surmise the apt one. The purse for a wedding will doubtlessly be different from that of a conference.
2. Size: size also depends on the type of event. A couch will be best for beddings. If the event involves dancing then the smaller the better.
3. Colour: again the colour black is best suited for conferences while multicolour can be used for a DJ night.
4. Compartments: understand the need of the sectors and choose accordingly
5. Details: these talks about the external details.

For a night out, it is always best is to carry a clutch bags.

Cross body bags, a must have accessory for you

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Cross body bags are a must have for you especially if you are a college student. These bags have almost become a fashion trend because of the variety that they have and also because they are extremely useful. Cross body bags are easy to carry at the first place. They are lightweight and you can carry books, cell phones, make up, camera and wallets in it. They have several compartments and thus make it easy for you to arrange all your stuff.

Cross body bags come in different shapes, colors and materials. You can choose from the different styles that are available. Choose a material that suits your purpose well. If you wear more of formal clothes, you can get hold of a leather one. If you a typical college student and cannot think of anything apart from jeans/t shirts, choose from the nylon ones that come in all vibrant colors. These are not only convenient, but will also contribute to your overall look.

Make a Fashion Statement with Designer Handbags

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Designer handbags, having elegant and unique designs and good quality, are truly a great and innovative way to make a fashion statement. Here are some of the tips that can help you to stay ahead of the rest when it comes to displaying a beautiful designer handbag.

1. First study the market carefully and look out for the best in the market. Remember the bag should go with your personality, so choose accordingly.
2. Remember that in case of fashion, the trends are not at all permanent. It comes and vanishes in a jiffy. So it is always advisable to go for classical stuffs. They are evergreen.
3. Beware of the fake stuffs. Designers handbags are the most demanded among buyers. So it is important to be safe and choosy while buying.
4. Fashion and designer handbags exude class and beauty. So select the one which expresses your mood successfully.

Indian silk bags

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Indian silk bags are getting popular these days on the fashion circuit and one can choose from many designs and patterns of silk bags. For an ethnic look with a bridal wear, one can choose silk bags which are richly embellished with different stones, sequins, jacquard and brocade. These give the silk bags an ornate and royal look suiting the occasion well. Silk bags come in long straps that hang gracefully from the shoulders. They could also have shorter laces to give you a trendy and modern look.

Some silk handbags have a mix of velvet too, to add elegance. Heavily embroidered silk bags go well for festive shopping although they can’t be worn to offices. The silk used for the designer handbags come in a variety of colors starting from dazzling gold, to deep purple, peacock blue and bottle green shades whose look is sometimes enhanced by floral patterns woven on the bags with ornate laces.

Fashion Handbags With Original Designs

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Fashion handbags could be often a great style statement and form an integral part of a woman’s personality. Depending on the design and the material, handbags could cost anywhere between $25 to hundreds of dollars. The most elegant looking handbags are generally made of leather. The themes of handbags could wary from animal skin patterns to plants and floral designs. PVC zebra messenger bags, bags with crocodile skin patterns, tiger stripes and metal striped bags are very much in vogue.

Quilted bags with grape leaf designs, shades of maple, and lighter fabric handbags with printed floral patterns are getting trendier by the day too. Handbags with red and blue stripes and ivory buckles, pink and yellow plaids with buttons etc. are increasingly being used too. Some handbags are made of embroidered brown and burgundy corduroy, beige silk linen, paisley lining etc. to give a rich and elegant look. Designer handbags could be expensive but they can be genuinely add glamour to the woman who carries them.

Couture bags – great fashion accessories for women with style

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nullCouture bags are highly essential to look stylish. Keeping our needs in mind, various design houses have come up with varieties of bags for different occasions. Some of the couture bags are:

Clutches: These are very unique and available in plenty of chic designs. Small enough to hold, these are carried to accessorize the dress you may wear.

Satchel bags: These bags are meant to carry heavier items and come with shoulder straps.

Tote bags/ Hobo type bags: These bags look fashionable and have great utility as well. They look large and are suitable to carry stuff to work or college.

Duffel bags: These bags can carry small necessities while travelling and are available in a stylish range.

Fashion is largely dynamic and couture bags never go out of fashion. They are great fashion accessories for women who have an elegant style. You may spot the right couture bag in a store and also order online.