Can hair color make your face look thinner

January 30, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Fashion

Hair color, hair careHair color has grown to be a fashion trend of recent time even in places where hair color was unheard of. Many times when people wish to look thinner they go for hair colors. Just like horizontal stripes on clothes make one look shorter and vertical stripes make one look taller, in the same way hair color can affect our looks.

Dark and light vertical stripes in hair color can add to the look of your face a slim feel. This can be done in many ways or just simply by adding vertical streaks of a darker shade of color to the normal hair color. When coloring the hair completely dark hair color tend to give a slimmer look than curly light colored hair. Auburn or blonde hair can draw attention away from the cheeks and certain highlighting in hair color especially beside the face can make one look slimmer too.

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