Perfect Gift For Your Girlfriend’s Birthday

March 22, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Uncategorized

Birthday gift, giftsBirthdays are meant to be a very special day for your girlfriend. Therefore you ought to make sure that you look for the perfect gift for her. Birthday gift-giving can be a daunting task. But here are certain gift options you can choose from.

Any girl loves chocolates and these can turn out to be the perfect birthday gift for your girlfriend. Along with the chocolates, give a bouquet to your girlfriend. Your girlfriend will not judge a gift by the money you spent but by the effort put in by you. Therefore gift a hand-written letter and pour out your heart and soul in it.

You can make a scrapbook which will contain the pictures of all the times you two have spent together. Boyfriends can also make a personal video containing birthday wishes from the girlfriend’s loved ones. You can also gift her jewelry; take her to a dinner date or a shopping spree.

Tips To Choose Right Make Up Foundation

March 15, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Beauty Care

Make Up , cosmeticsIf you are planning to buy a makeup foundation, then you must take proper care while purchasing the foundation for yourself. Many big brands make many big commitments but to your utmost disappointment you find most of the brands fail to deliver what they actually promise.

Before you buy any particular foundation, read the label on the product properly to find out if you are making the correct choice. Pay proper attention on the constituents of the products. If you are allergic to any of the components of the product, it is advisable on your part not to go for the product.

Most foundation mentions the direction of use and the time period for which their effect will be on. If you find that all the specifications are sufficient enough to fulfill what you need, then buy it. But before buying make the final comparison of the prices. If you find two foundations from different brands have the same specifications and the same good will, then always go for the low priced one. This is because some brands cost more simply due to their brand name and nothing else.

How to dress up for morning walk

March 09, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Clothing

clothing tips, morning walkIf you are fitness freak and go for your early morning walks everyday without fail then you have come across a common problem every morning. Most morning walkers complain that they do not find enough clothes in their wardrobe that is appropriate for walks and thus are forced to wear the same things again and again. If you have been facing a similar problem then here are a few tips that can be helpful:

• Go for a short shopping spree. Only pick up parallels and good quality pajamas and track pants. The advantage of these is that they are not too thin so that they can be worn for your morning walk and they are not too formal so that you can wear them at home as well.
• When it comes to the tee or blouse then too follows the same rule. Opt for blouses that can not only be worn at home but which you can also wear to your morning walks.

Tips to wear and carry large earrings

March 03, 2013  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Fashion Accessories

earrings, fashion accessoriesWomen love accessories. From the time a girl becomes a teenager to the time of old-age, women try out innumerous forms and types of accessories. Earnings are probably one of the most famous forms of accessories and worn by even the worst critics of fashion! If you have a thing for earnings and think that you are incomplete without one then we are sure you have a whole lot of large earrings in your collection that are unsure about.

If you want to look good in large earnings then the best thing to do is stick to the ones that compliment your face. It is stupid to wear earrings that do not compliment your face or look. If you have a longish face then you should stick to large earnings that tend to be more vertical then round. Those with a round face can be more experimental while those who have an oval face can try out anything!