Dressing for a beach party

June 29, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Fashion Tips

Dressing tips, fashion tipsDressing up for a beach party is fun as you can have a splash of colors and freshness to exude from your attire and hence yourself. Select your outfit according to the location of the party, whether it is indoors or outdoors. For outdoor beach party, you would want to carry sunscreen glasses, hats and other accessories to keep protected from the sun’s harsh rays. Your dress should be such that it provides comfort to you as well as make you look fresh and chilled out. Wear something in which you can socialize comfortably without being self conscious, tank tops, shorts, bikinis, sarongs make the perfect beachwear combinations. Do not forget to carry an extra set of clothes for changing if you get too sandy or wet. Accessorize yourself with jewelry not too heavy but accenting your clothes and the theme, if any. Wear proper footwear for beach parties, you might also carry water sneakers for beach games and sports. Additional layers should be carried for parties going on till evening.

Accessorizing up a simple white dress

June 23, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Fashion Accessories

Accessories with white dress, fashion tipsThe white is always a preferred color for many women. Especially as soon as the summer sets in, many the white becomes very popular. But the white dress always doesn’t look very attractive and stunning as dresses of other colors may appear. Even with heavy embroidery works, your white dress may appear a bit dull to you. You can very easily make it look attractive and bright just by using a few simple things. Since white is a very good base color, therefore it goes well with any color. You can use beads of a variety of color like red, orange, blue etc can be used to design your white dress into something extraordinary.

You should decide a particular design for placing the beads. You can consult the fashion magazines or internet for this. You can also use threads of various colors to end up with certain colorful designer embroideries on your plain white dress. After you are done with all these, your dress will have its new appealing look.

Sheer stockings in different colors: A must have fashion accessory

June 14, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Fashion

Sheer stockings, women's fashionSheer stockings are an excellent fashion statement to showcase the womanly side. It makes an outfit look more elegant and complete. Sheer stockings are timeless and style appealing. These not only add a classy fashionable statemnet to yor stlyle but make you attractive and modish. In most cases these stockings help to disguise pasty skin, razor bumps, skin infections, cellulites or any other imperfections thus helping you not to feel uncomfortable or conscious about your legs. Instead you get to buy yourself a stunning look and feel dashing. Hosiery of different colors and design are wardrobe staple. They simply makes a women feel feminine and great by giving her a compact look with any dress any time.

A black stockings with a short black dress is must wear no matter how glowing or smooth your skin may be. Opaque colors must be avoided that contrasts with the dress as they clash with the elegance of the dress.

How to dress up for a semi formal get together

June 09, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Fashion Tips

Dressing tips, fashion tipsFashion has made semi-formal attires luscious enough to make it a gate-crasher for any event. This dress down policy is introduced in most MNCs and bigger Indian Organizations that have embraced the fact that the employees can get into something comfortable on the weekend.

However, the best semi-formals could be a formal skirt or a pant teemed with a t-shirt or a cozy top. But, as we know that fashion is not static so fashion designers and boutiques have set up commercial houses to display the trends in semi-formal attires. It is no more just a t-shirt and denim. You could choose from a short kurti, floral tops to casual tops with embroidery, or puff sleeves and completed by three fourth denims or pants in cotton and lycra and much more.

In fact, the dress pattern has become so successful today the some of the brides go semi-formal on their d-day to avoid carrying the heavy gown around.

Three must have shoes every man should have

June 01, 2012  //  Posted by: cooldude  //  Category: Men's Accessories

Fashion shoes for men, men shoesShoes are one of the most important parts of a dress of a man. No attire is complete without the right pair of shoes. You can wear the best dress but the entire look can be completely ruined if you do not wear an appropriate shoe with it. Therefore, your shoes have to be able to compliment your dress so that it suits the occasion. One of the most important kinds of shoes that a man must have is the regular sports sneakers.

These shoes are the best options for casual hangouts. They can be paired perfectly with a pair of blue jeans or even shorts for casual occasions. Then, a man should always have a pair of formal leather shoes. This is important for office work or formal parties. Finally, a man has to be decked up for fancy parties and clubbing and so he needs a pair of high leather boots.