Tips to maintain proper vital stat for women

April 22, 2011  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Fashion, Fashion Tips

By maintaining a vital stat especially in the case of women is something a lot of them will do to have. The vital stats for women are the three bust, waist and hips, which are 32, 22 and 32 respective as it is said. These 3 things are so precious to women that they will do just anything to have the perfect combination. There are several ways by which you can get these perfect stats and they are

1. Healthy Eating: by having a healthy eating habit, you can maintain your stats. Reduce the number of cholesterol that you take in daily and include lots of vegetables in your daily diet. This can be effectively done by consulting a dietician who will tell you what you can eat to get the perfect stat.

2. Exercising And Working: a daily dose of workout and exercise can also help you to create the perfect stats.

3. Surgery: this is the last resort most women go to, when they see that the two methods are not working and also other method that you have tried and failed, they resort to plastic surgery where they can get what they want, though it is expensive, but as the women are, they are ready to pay the price.

Impress others by appropriate dressing

April 19, 2011  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Clothing

If there is anybody in this world whom you want to impress, he has to show firstly in his dressing, the way you dress is the way people will address you before even you say anything meaningful.

What are the things you have to do to impress others through your dressing?

1. Every occasion has its own style of dressing that you are to wear. Always note this key thing, that you will always impress others with your dressing sense.

2. Create a dressing style. By creating a dressing style, people will always recognize you the moment you enter any place.

3. Avoid too much makeup. Natural beauty they say is the best. By using less make up and showing more of your natural beauty, people will always acknowledge you and be impressed with your style of dressing.

These three thing highlighted are some of the ways you can use to impress others.

How to choose comfortable footwear

April 09, 2011  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Uncategorized

A lot of men and women go about buying footwear in the boutique, only for them to know after purchase that they are not comfortable with the footwear.

There are two ways about how you can choose your own footwear without having to call anyone to help you

1. Don’t choose your footwear because of the appearance and just buy it right off. Some people are fond of doing this. Once they see a footwear which a very good color and appearance, they just purchase it without even trying it on to see.

2. Choose footwear that is light and makes you move with comfort with no awkward feeling of anything. Before purchasing your footwear, ensure that the footwear is light & flexible and also see that when you move with it, you are feeling light in your leg and in the way you move.

Following just these two steps, you can be sure of getting good footwear easily on your own.

Be smart in office- corporate clothing.

April 06, 2011  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Clothing

If you want to command a great respect in the office where you are working then simply be smart in your dressing by dressing corporate. That is why you will never see any employee in an office wearing just some casual clothes to work, if he will do that than he has just few seconds to be fired.

Dressing in corporate clothing creates a kind of seriousness in you that says that this person is ready to work and that is why you will never see a sales man dressing casual because by seeing them dressed corporate, you will first give them a level of attention before you decide whether to continue talking with them or not.

Dressing in corporate style in a company also helps to create a kind of self brand and image for the company, that is why when you see someone dressed in formal clothes, the first thing that comes to your mind is this guy work in a big company, thus it helps to create a kind of charisma when others are looking at you or when they approach you.