What Celeb Moms do to stay gorgeous?

January 30, 2011  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Beauty Care, Skin Care

Appearance and personality are very important aspects which is taken care by each and every person in today’s world as it provides the impression and nature of a person. It becomes extreme important when it comes to celebrities and that too women. They have to appear before entire world in order to maintain their dignity. But it becomes difficult for female celebrities when they become moms. To stay gorgeous as always, celebrity moms put lot of efforts like regular exercise and a balanced diet.

Yoga is also preferred by some to keep their body fit and fine, slim and trim. Celebrity moms go for regular skin and hair treatment to protect their skin from ageing effects. They never leave the current fashion style to stay smart and updated. To stay gorgeous they eat lot of fruits, juices and avoid fatty food, as they are very conscious about their skin and body structure. So to stay gorgeous like all the celebrity moms you should be very active, smart and confident about your personality.

How to be a Yummy Mummy

January 25, 2011  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Beauty Care, Skin Care

It does not matter how much a women is active before she conceives, it is worthy only if she keep continuing the physical activity at the time of pregnancy and after it. Almost all the women are upset because of bad body shape after pregnancy. They are always worried about how to become a yummy mummy. After giving birth to the child it is very difficult for a mom to take care of her and it is almost impossible for a working women.

You can become a yummy mummy if you follow some small tips that are easy, practical and very efficient in your daily life. The most important and unavoidable things that should be kept in mind are your food and exercise. If you exercise five times per week for 45 minutes then you will experience a great improvement in your body structure. Most of the women compromise and change their lifestyle after delivering the baby. However, being confident and smart even after conceiving and giving birth to a child is the biggest key to become a yummy mummy.

5 Fashion Don’ts to Avoid At All Costs

January 09, 2011  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Fashion, Fashion Tips

Fashion defines your style, your confidence, and the way you look. We often fall prey to wrong fashion trends. So the top five fashion mistakes that you can avoid are as follows. Firstly, do not combine socks and sandals together. They do not look good together at all. Secondly, underwear peeking out from pants isn’t cool anymore. No one likes a peek show hence just pass the idea of doing it.

Thirdly, do not wear baggy clothes. Wear clothes that actually fit your body and accentuate your curves rather than hiding it. Fourthly, accessorize but do not overdo them. Some simple pieces of bangles, necklaces, and earrings can make your outfit stand out. But do not clutter yourself with too much accessories it as you shall ruin your entire look. And lastly but most importantly, invest in clothes that you feel comfortable and happy in. Have fun with your looks by trying out different combination of clothes and accessories. Discover your inner diva and dress smartly and confidently and let the world admire your beauty.

Fashion Tips to Always be Camera Ready

January 04, 2011  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Fashion, Fashion Tips

To be always camera ready actually requires a bit of effort and a bit of thinking. Camera ready actually means putting up a great face with a great dress and make up all the time. You may need some time to get a hang of it. But once you have mastered the skill it shall be a cake for you. One of the best tips is to plan early what you want to wear for each week. This will give you ample time to dig out the best clothes from your closet and also try various combinations of dresses.

Incorporate a daily skincare and hair care routine and not just when you feel like it. Invest in statement jewelry. They are the best ways to look gorgeous and always look camera ready. Get plenty of scarves for your wardrobe. They will save you when you are having a bad hair day.