Being Fashionable as a Mom

December 30, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Fashion

Most of the mothers struggle with keeping up with styles after they have children. Some give the excuse of time while others say it is for lack of fund. But the real fact is everyone can maintain a stylish look without spending hours at the mirror or a fortune at the mall. A sweat suit can appear shabby but if you are able to coordinate it well it can actually make you look cute and fashionable.

You can take inspiration from the celebrities who still look good even after their second or third children. One change you can make in your lifestyle is by exercising. If you are able to fit into your clothes properly you can actually appear fashionable. Your other areas of improvement would be your hair and makeup. And a great tip for all the moms is to carry a dressy handbag. A classy handbag can make your ordinary wardrobe appear fashionable.

Accessories for Short Ladies

December 25, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Fashion

Accessories play a very important role in creating a perfect and proportional look. If you can play it right it can actually make a short woman appear taller. In jewelry try to wear the ones which look simple and that compliments your body structure. If you have curves try to select large and bold jewelry pieces for yourself. A petite woman should go for moderate heels. If you are a thin woman kitten heels shall look great on you.

Ankle straps and square toe shoes should be avoided at all instances. In handbags try to go for simple and sleek designs with no junk designs or ornaments. Clutches are a good way to accessorize you. A good way to shop for a perfect bag is to buy a bag that creates a vertical line. Scarves are a good accessory for petite ladies. A long scarf will make you look taller and thinner. Choose the right kind of accessory and make yourself look taller and beautiful.

Common Fashion Myths

December 20, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Fashion

The world of fashion is surrounded by a lot of myths and facts that some believe and some not. Some of these myths may seem logical theoretically but when practiced it may not look attractive and fashionable as it should. One of the common myth is which says that black is for everyone. Though black may appear sophisticated and versatile but people with olive skin should avoid this color. As black may make you look sickly and tired.

Another myth that has been around is that fat people should avoid horizontal stripes. But studies have showed that women wearing horizontal stripes have been found to look slimmer by 6% as with vertical stripes. In the past we were always told to match bags with shoes. Instead of which match it to your dress. It is often said that long skirts and tops make a person appear bulky. But the real fact is long skirt can actually make a person look taller.

Springtime Fashion Tips for Women

December 15, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Fashion, Smart Fashion

Spring is the time of the year when you can show off your hot pants, high boots, and high dress splits. With the onset of spring comes the time to refresh your fashion wardrobe. The most popular fashion clothes for spring are the T-shirt. But nowadays T-shirts are not only referred to tops but dresses too which can worn as tops. Cotton knit are the latest trend these days.

Designers now employ glamorous look to the usual look of denim with different patterns like floral which especially look good during spring. For women who love their jumpsuits choose the ones that are brightly colored and in which you shall look slim and tall. If you love your shorts choose the ones that are made of silk instead. Select bright colors that compliment your skin and you can wear a nice silk shirt on top. Spring means a celebration of colors so mix colors, patterns, and styles to create your own fashion statement.

Fashion Advice for Women Over 50

December 10, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Fashion, Fashion Tips

No age stands in the way of fashion. Every woman has the right to dress and look beautiful in all ages. But the key is feeling comfortable and confident in what you wear especially if you are above 50. Avoid following the fashion ideas around you and instead create your own trend in fashion.

At 50 you should buy clothes that flatter your body and in which you look sophisticated. No short or skimpy dress. Instead wear long and fitted skirts with a slight slit in the sides to show some skin. And if you like exposing your arms and legs try tunics for a change with sleeves made from sheer material. Styles as in bold, classic, tiny prints, or even stripes should be your choice in fashion. Urban styles will look exceptionally good on you. Your make up should be minimal and focus on your accessories. Bright colored necklaces and handbags will surely make a huge fashion statement.