Scoop neck embroidered dresses for warm summer days

November 13, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Clothing, Summer Fashion

Come summer and people are out to flaunt their best. From clunky accessories to embroidery and sequin it’s the time to show the best of your wardrobe. Scoop neck dresses are very popular among the customers these days. The straight fit of these days is elegant as well as trendy. The loose fittings also help in hiding many of the figure flaws. The scoop dresses not only enhance your facial features but also visually lengthen your body.

For people little short of inches low scoop dresses paired with heels can make girls look very appealing. If such a dress is embroidered too, then you can very well expect the effect. Embroidery combined with low scoop is one of the most attractive combinations. The best part of scoop necks is that they suit the women of every age group From grandma to granddaughter everybody can don them.
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Sequin jackets – add flash to your wardrobe

November 09, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Clothing, Fashion

Despite the fact that sequins look gaudy and tawdry, they are incomparable when it comes to making a fashion statement. The paragon of glamour they add shimmer even to the dullest colors available. All you need is great style sense to mix and match it in your wardrobe. Sequin jackets were much on fashion scenario in 40’s and 60’s. They lost their sheen in decades to follow but today they are again making a comeback in the fashion scenario.

Sequence jackets come in many forms, from tight vests, belted jackets to satin trimmed jackets. Whether it’s a business meet or a get together, there is some form of sequin which will fit your attire. The best part of sequin jackets is that they completely do away with the need of any other type of accessory. All alone they can give you that fashion edge.

Trendy & fashionable gifts for online shoppers

November 06, 2010  //  Posted by: Fashion Designer  //  Category: Fashion Jewelry, Fashion Online, Gifts

Every one like to receive gifts, no matter what the occasion might be. There are wide varieties of huge fashion and trendy collectibles, available on the net that helps in choosing the right gift for that special person. More over gift giving has become more expensive and even more difficult to select with the choices that are offered to us.

A lot of online shopping helps us in selecting the right gifts. They offer gift products ranging from fashion accessories, chocolates, books, music and many more. There also offer customized gift products as in coffee mugs with a photo stand, make-up kits, stuffed toys and other accessories. It is always been the domain of a woman to handle shopping for a unique and personalized gift.

Always look for the best prices and shop for discounts with special offers for the season. A lot of gifting ideas like a simple bouquet with a card, designer hand bags, women accessories, and clothes are the usual ones to be gifted. Instead shop for exotic gifts that are unique and does not crunch your pocket. Something as simple as a perfumed candle will do wonders.

For men, they always choose to stick to gadgets, ties and socks. With a lot of online retail stores selling branded shirts at half the price, they are worth to be gifted on special occasions. Women has it all the way with jewelry such as a pendants encrusted with beautiful semi-precious stones, simple chandelier earrings, ornamented rings and beautifully handcrafted chokers. They come in a wide variety that it becomes difficult to choose and these elegant pieces can be customized as desired.

There is always something for everybody and kids are not to be left out. For a toddler to a teenager, we can find numerous ways of gifting them our love through gifts. There are toys, dolls, musical games and books for pre-schoolers and a lot of baby gifts such as the diaper kit, baby soft toys and other things that make wonderful gifts for a new born baby.

It is always better to shop in more than one place, to find out about the new trends and other gifts from different stores. New ideas will flow with a variety of options opened to us. Any valuable information can be put to good use, when shopping for an exotic gift. The internet is a sure shot way of getting to know about the various prices, details as in packing and to customize by adding our own perfection to them. Distances are never a problem, as long as the online stores deliver the gifts for us. Gifting have never been so much fun, and the joy of making some one smile is worth the effort.

Update your fall look with great statement necklaces

November 04, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Fashion Jewelry

A statement necklace is a simple wardrobe upgrade. Go and search your jewelry box and if you don’t find any such dramatic necklace then it’s hightime that you must have one. A statement necklace is the ultimate accessory for those who keep their dresses simple and colors sober. For such people a clunky necklace can pep up their attire and add zing to their getup.

If you save elaborate pieces only for parties then you can try a different approach, combine the big pieces with your simple jeans and tee, it will surely make you standout in the crowd. When looking for a statement necklace, look for distinctive features like beautiful stones and intricate designs. Remember that your necklace needs to stand out and be the focus of your attire. Look for evergreen and universal colors which will suit all type and colors of clothing.