Dark denims – flattering bet for great style

October 31, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Clothing, Fashion, Fashion Tips

Denims are the must have in every wardrobe; they can help you in making multiple style statements. Paired with formal shirt they are helpful in boardrooms and when combined with a red tee they are the ultimate dress code for the hangout with friends. The most important decision while purchasing them is their fitting on your body type. The rules of denim are different for everybody. If you have a bulky figure then do not go for those skin-hugging tights.

Similarly there are different for women with flat butts while skinny girls have many options available. An important fact to remember is that your denim must enhance your personality, if it does so then there is no need to search for body type and then look out for your perfect fit.
You can use your denim on almost all the occasions you just need to combine trendy accessories and suitable tops.

How to fix five common fashion missteps?

October 26, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Fashion, Fashion Tips

Fashion faux pas are the fodder of gossip magazines. There are shows telling you what to wear and what not to wear, beautiful women telling you to emulate their style but still fashion missteps do occur. Here we will tell you what do if you are ever in soup:
1) Stand straight and improve a posture- You admit that you have just committed a fashion disaster, but that is no reason for leaving your confidence. Stand straight and upright. On a straight, upright frame the beauty of clothes is enhanced.
2) Have a reliable tailor nearby- It often happens that the latest pair of jeans we bought has gone loose. Such disasters when discovered at the end moment are enough to cause panic. A reliable tailor nearby will act a savior in such situations.

3) Always carry loose pins- Opening of side stitches and joints is a common mishap, few safety pins will help you in bringing yourself out in such situation.
4) Carry a hair band- Too often hair become unmanageable, till the time we reach our destination. A nice ponytail always looks graceful, so always carry a band with you.
5) Do not forget old good tissue papers- From cleaning that extra lipstick to wiping the sauce from the new dress. Tissue paper is the most reliable savior of all times.

Spring fashion trends

October 20, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Fashion, Fashion Tips

The inception of spring is the indication of wardrobe overhaul. Come spring and the splurge time is on. Spring is the time of bright colors and all your fantasy accessories which flaunted your closest during grueling winters. This season the Victorian style lace clothing is back again on the scene. Lace work done on classical and antique style fiber is much in vogue these days. Retro style silhouettes of the sixties have also made a comeback.

Hip hugging dresses with below the knee hem can be seen again in the party circuits. Light summery fabrics have also been introduced this spring. Another eternal fashion which has dominated the springs of 2010 is stripes. Dominant stripes on tank tops, skirts and flowing frocks will give the ultimate spring look.
The emphasis till now has been on bright colors and light fabrics, so this spring don the liveliests colors and enjoy the sunny breezes.

Sporty looks in teen fashion

October 15, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Fashion, Fashion Tips

Thanks to the Beckhams and Sharapovas of the world that sporty look is quite in vogue these days. For the sport crazy teens emulating their favorite sport icon is the ultimate goal and they leave no stone unturned for this. This fascination with sport stars has given a whole new trend to fashion industry which is cashing on this phenomenon.But before you set out to flaunt your sporty wardrobe keep in mind the following facts which will save you from fashion faux pas.

If you are opting for track suits then make it sure that they are not loosely fitted just like your baggy pants. Hanging tracksuits are a complete fashion disaster and the fitting of top is especially important. For sports chic look go for tops having patches and crests. Wrong socks can ruin your whole style. So be careful about these miniscule details. They often go unnoticed but for overall getup ignoring them is no less than gaucherie.