Clothing in a casual way

August 19, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Clothing

Clothes offer a definite impression of a person. Yes, there are plenty of other parameters but clothes are just as significant. Categorically, there are two kinds of clothing; the formal and the casual. Casual clothing is less restricted and it can meander through any route. A person wearing a bandanna or a girl flourishing a sarong are both identifiable as casual dressers. Tunics, robes, shorts, tank tops, jeans, and many other such outfits are typical casual ones.

When not in a formal meeting, people like dressing in casual. A recent poll suggested that the most accepted casual dressing around the world is denim jeans with white tees. When romance blossoms, people go casual, when hunting for friendship or meeting long term pals, people go casual too. Seeking relaxation on weekends or vacations, they again go casual. Except for business meetings or a rendezvous with some dignified person, people today sit on the “casual” bandwagon.

Dressing for business meeting

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Business is best when mixed with leisure. Today, there can be an important injunction; when mixed with fashion. It is important to look good in a business meeting because your dialogue or presentation follows your personality and dressing. Obviously, you cannot dress casually for a business meeting but various revamped designs have come into the market that can make you look great even while in formal.

For out-of-city meetings, it is important to pack compactly. Yes, it is mandatory to have cozy socks and suits and vests but out-of-code dressing hardly works. For addressing a large conference, you can improvise on the kind of suit you are looking to wear. For women; suits, scarves, blouses in earthy, white or black shades work better. Attires shall give a dignified look. Clothing, each time shall be good enough to represent the person or the business firm you work for.

Fashion for transsexuals

August 13, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Fashion

Transsexuals like identifying with the sex opposite to the one they are biologically endowed with. They cross-dress in order to be deeply recognizable with what they are not. Perhaps, the torment of living in a biological body other than the one they desire is too much to bear. Transsexuals feel subjugated and it comes out in their fashion.

Transsexuals dress in opposite patterns. A female transsexual is more likely to be dressed in suits and pants and a male transsexual in tight long skirts. The dichotomy between male and female is very well used by fashion designers concentrating on transsexual dressing. It is to be kept in mind that the idea is to seamlessly transit between male and female dressing. For female transsexuals, robust male designs are not easily acceptable. The idea is to create fashion pieces which morph from a male to a female attire and vice versa.

Various kinds of jeans

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Ever since being brought to life by a bunch of sailors, jeans has never looked back. With time, it proliferated into a million dollar business market. Today, jeans come in different avatars catering to different preferences. Denim jeans with copper rivets for powering the pockets have made it into the consciousness of every young male and female. Denims only come in blue.

Today, lycra version is very well accepted. These are jeans that can be stretched beyond their normal width and length thereby giving an elastic feeling for perhaps the coarsest dressing material. Jeans may close in on the leg or be spread out. They can be low waist jeans or high-on-the-hip variety. Different kinds of jeans look good on different body types. A skinny person might like parallel jeans with loose bottom while robust person can do better with low waist jeans joined at the seam and curtailed in width at the bottom.

Champagne suits for men

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Men! They like to dress hot, don’t they? For years they have made hay while the sun has shone on men’s fashion wear. Men give a pride of place to their suits. They love to have a repertoire in different colors and shades. Right from the single breasted jacket to the most sophisticated suit, each thing in their armory is a weapon. Champagne suit is just one of those they love. Generally they come in a vest necktie design and proliferate in all the sizes. Champagne suits have originated from Italy but captured the imagination of men across the world.

Champagne suits have done well for men in their various business meetings. If you are looking for a great deal on these suits, just run through the vast internet catalogues available. Sites like E-bay make a fortune out of such operations. You can get a solid bargain if you are ready to search well.

Teenage fashion- changing fads

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Fashion for teens is ever so dynamic. This age group catches fashion secrets from the wind and weaves it into their daily lives. There was a time, jeans was new to the teenage scene, then arrived a great mix of bell-bottoms, flowing tunics, tank tops, newer fashion accessories, so on and so forth. Boots changed heels, cut them, pasted them, changing pattern every season.

Colors changed their courses too. While the earthy ones became a season’s delight, the next season they were thrown out of every adolescent’s fashion cupboard. Bright hues became the call of the day only to be replaced by the darker shades the very next season. This way the fashion world of the young has moved.

Today, they have the wisdom of judging through internet, seeing a vast global catalogue spread in front of them. They also have an array of summer and winter stores that allow them greater freedom of choice.

Ethnic clothing and its elegance

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To define, ethnic clothing means clothing preference concentrated to a given area. It is seeped in the lineage, history and cultural leanings of an area. For instance, an African is most likely to shine in his Agbadas and Dashikis with an occasional mix of vibrant indigenous prints and Kentes. Similarly, an Indian prevails on high doses of Salwar Kameez, Kurta Pyjama, Lungi and Saris. Ethnic clothing has its elegance as it creates an aura of a particular place around the person wearing it. In other words, the person becomes a place, its very identity.

Today, big brands have well utilized the marketing aspect of ethnic clothing and hence they come in great many shades and improvised styles that look like a hybrid between ethnic clothes and their modern- day avatars. A veil on a woman from Middle East cannot be improvised upon but a scarf or a dupatta surely can be.