Colors for summer

July 29, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Clothing, Fashion, Summer Fashion

Summer is a great time to try colors; flowing robes and scarves, kaftans, loose dresses resembling an extension of body and all of these in motley colors. Summer raises our spirit to try the pastoral shades with the earthy ones. The crazy bright turquoise, broccoli, fuchsia shades along with those high on the magenta and the mauve and the yellow and cerise meter.

In almost all the fashion stores, perpetrated by the mass designing in world fashion market, stocks come in a riot of colors. Yes, to beat summer it is advisable to go with the lighter shades as they absorb less heat and refract more. It is a handy coincidence that the lighter ones that are higher on functional value are also more stylized and gorgeous looking. You should first find out what suits you more. Once, you have done that amount of research of your body, rush to any summer store and you won’t be disappointed.

Rugged attires for all genders

July 26, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Clothing

Times, they are a changing. What was fad once will hit oblivion in another time and may be return as a craze yet again. Stylistic fabrics once threw the rugged clothing out of gear but these have returned with full vigor for both the genders. Young men, women, adolescents and even the middle-aged people know the craze of worn out, rugged jeans already.

They create pastoral effect and also bring a don’t-mess-with-me attitude on. It entirely depends on who is wearing it.Sleeves with gash, jeans torn around the area of knee are just a couple of examples. Similarly, classic rugged looks in faded or washed colors is also bombarded on us every day by big brands. Rugged clothing can be part of clothing accessories as well as main attire. Next time, you think of sophistication in clothes, think of the rugged look that also has a story of its own.

Perfect Fashion Tips For Mother’s Day

July 10, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Clothing, Fashion, Fashion Tips

For the mum who cares for fashion there are great fashion accessories that you can get her for mother’s day. And for the mums who care to look great on this day of theirs there is a handful of tips that could come in handy. One of the most overlooked fashionable wear are the Keds, the sneakers which are Colorful and undeniably trendy. These are sneakers designed, coming in both slip on and lace up style and can be custom designed too. They are great for working out as well as for getting around in a fashionable way.

Choose stylish designed handbags such as those that feature tuscan dark chocolate leather with South. These have a fine leather trim and can be used for all types of events be it for a party or for going to work.

If you are a new mother and still want to look trendy when carrying your baby and going about shopping, choose adjustable baby slings such as Balboa that are comfortable and fashionable at the same time and are tested by pediatricians for safety.

Scoop Neck Dresses Are In Vogue

July 05, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Clothing

There are few dresses that match the scoop neck one. This is because it is not only stylish to have one of these but upon wearing them they offer comfortable, confident attitude These are in vogue this season and come in a myriad of lengths, patterns as well as colors.

The great thing about scoop neck dresses and what makes them such a good pick is that they can be worn to any event be it a party or an official gathering. What is more is that they are great for the hot summer weather and all the festivities that go along with this. The natural cotton fiber and loose fit are perfect for hot weather.

The scoop neck dresses are also very flattering for the face and they are designed to visually lengthen the body. The prices for these dresses are reasonable and the brands being offered are mind-blowing.

Sequin Jackets Are In

July 01, 2010  //  Posted by: qwcdirect  //  Category: Clothing, Fashion

For a long time now the sequin jacket has had a lousy reputation and the regular folk who have adorned these have been looked at as wanna-bes and impersonators. Bu they are back and the celebrities are increasingly being seen in them and what is more is that this jacket can look great on you too!

For example the boy-friend cut sequined blazer which is in vogue this season looks absolutely stylish and offers an edgy feeling when worn over jeans and a pair of heels. There are other types that include Miami Vice which has glittering sparkles and then there are others which are textured, vintage style jackets for those who love to travel in fashion.

Given that this is high end and unique fashion it is very important that you pick out the cut that sis most favorable to your body size as well as the color. Once you put on the sequined jacket over something that is also well blended then you are certainly good to go