Sun Screen Shelter Fabrics

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Exposure to sun can be very dangerous not only to the skin that is exposed but also to overall body system. Ultra violet rays in sunlight can harm the skin. Over exposure to the heat of the sun can cause sunstrokes. One can be fashionable yet wear the right protective clothing for sunlight. Bright colors like orange and red are very good to keep ultra violet rays. Similarly, wearing longer tunic tops with Capri pants can be a good option too.

This would suit a person walking on the beach where the sunlight can reflect from the sand and water too. Wide brimmed hats are good to keep off the sunlight from the head and the eyes and can look trendy too. Although cotton is the best fabric for keeping one cool under the hot sun, nylon and linen are extremely light and hence good options too. Microfibers and polyester are cheaper fabrics that are good for summers and don’t need much maintenance either.

Comfort of Military Clothing and Fabrics

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Military clothing and fabrics have always been more for the protection of the soldier wearing them rather than the comfort. However, certain aspects of military clothing make them versatile and good to use. The green leaf pattern of most military clothing is now widely used as a trendy design on handbags, cargo pants etc.

Canvas and other thicker fabrics were used for making military clothing to protect from insects, scratches from stones and elements of the jungles, sometimes shards of glass, and dangerous fumes. These fabrics are now increasingly used for adventure clothing, during camping and trekking. Cargo pants similar to military uniforms are a fashion statement if the temperatures are low, due to the comfort provided by loose fittings and utility pockets to carry lots of items around. However, military clothing is strictly not advisable in higher temperatures as it could lead to stress from heat and profuse sweating.

The green fashion challenge

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Movements spreading eco-friendly messages are on the rise and the fashion world isn’t behind either. Green fashion is the latest buzz word. Increasingly fashion designers are trying to be innovative by using organic fabrics to design the apparels. Jason Mraz showed up at the Grammys wearing a suit made of recycled plastic to take green fashion to the next level. Canvas bags with green-awareness messages are very common amongst trendy women these days.

Handbags which have been made from really old leather jackets and woolen garments that have been made without the use of toxic materials or paints are other examples of green yet fashionable items. Upcycling that uses discarded materials to reduce the usage of natural resources and materials is being increasingly adopted by fashion designers who are trying to make organic materials more affordable yet, sophisticated enough to be worn. With the spreading message, one hopes the use of chemicals in dyeing industry and other related procedures used for fashionable garments would reduce.

Find your Perfect Piece of Lingerie

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Lingerie is not just innerwear, but an integral part of the way a woman dresses. The right lingerie can make a woman feel comfortable and beautiful at the same time. It can raise their confidence too. The type of lingerie largely depends on the figure of the woman. Wiry framed, padded or bustier bras for example could help enhance the look of a skinnier woman. At the same time, draped lingerie made of opaque material suits plus sized women.

The fabric of the lingerie also goes a long way to decide the figure revealed on the outside. Leather lingerie that wraps the body closely helps show off a beautiful figure, while lacy lingerie or corsets are good to hold down the size a bit, making a woman look curvier and thinner. It is often important to buy comfortable lingerie from stores that have a great stock of lingerie and where the staff are experienced enough to pick up the ones that would suit a woman and her look.

Fashion Handbags With Original Designs

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Fashion handbags could be often a great style statement and form an integral part of a woman’s personality. Depending on the design and the material, handbags could cost anywhere between $25 to hundreds of dollars. The most elegant looking handbags are generally made of leather. The themes of handbags could wary from animal skin patterns to plants and floral designs. PVC zebra messenger bags, bags with crocodile skin patterns, tiger stripes and metal striped bags are very much in vogue.

Quilted bags with grape leaf designs, shades of maple, and lighter fabric handbags with printed floral patterns are getting trendier by the day too. Handbags with red and blue stripes and ivory buckles, pink and yellow plaids with buttons etc. are increasingly being used too. Some handbags are made of embroidered brown and burgundy corduroy, beige silk linen, paisley lining etc. to give a rich and elegant look. Designer handbags could be expensive but they can be genuinely add glamour to the woman who carries them.

A brief introduction to fashion belts

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Fashion belts have added a different dimension to style especially when it comes to women’s apparel. Initially started in the 19th century with ladies’ skirt and blouse combinations, fashion belts have become a very important accessory in the latest fashion trends. A good belt can help highlight the curvier look of a woman.

Fashion belts can be distinguished by various categories. They could be thick, thin or wide. Some could be as thick as cowboy belts, while some could be as thin as a lace. Belts could also be plain, or made of intertwined strings or laces or jeweled and bright. Some belts are plain black and brown for official use, while some could be trendy, decorative and bright with a party look. Although leather is the most commonly used material, some belts are made of metals too. Belts are worn on the waist or sometimes even on the hips depending on the style of the apparel.

Luxury indulgence with velvet fabrics

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Velvet is one of the best looking fabrics around. Over the ages it has been used in varying colors, shades and designs to display a look of luxury and class. It is woven in a special kind of loom which weaves two pieces at the same time. The velvet can be crushed type or common.

In some cases velvet is blended with other fabrics of varying properties. Velvet is used to give upholstery, table clothes, curtains, bed sheets etc. a rich look. Purple, maroon, red and black are one of the most popular colors used for velvet fabric. Velvet is used for apparels as well where designers use graphic splicing, burn-out effects and dazzling colors. Flowing dresses with beautiful drapes are generally made by mixing velvet with silk and rayon to optimize the properties of the individual fabrics. The durability of velvet, its elegant look and the special care in weaving it make it one of the best fabrics.