Men’s fashion: What are the basic requirements for it?

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nullMen’s fashion is not just restricted to clothing but it also includes accessories of different types. The most basic requirements for men’s fashion are:

Suitable clothing for various occasions: Wear crisp shirt with a necktie or a nice suit and combine it with suitable cuff links. Formal attire, comprising a tuxedo, pleated shirt, silk ties and black shoes are an integral part of a man’s life. On a casual note- jeans and T-shirts are the best companions.

Shoes: We cannot think of fashion without the right shoes for various engagements. Be it sneakers or flip flops, you need them all. Remember to wear ‘slip on dress shoes’ or ‘loafers’ to your office.

Accessories: Even a man needs accessories like cuff links in various designs and styles to lend a classy look. Besides, you may invest in some good watches, rings and even bracelets. Must have also should have colognes, belts and glamorous shades.

Look dapper with these stunning men’s accessories

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nullMen are no longer behind women in making a style statement. Accessories can accentuate a man’s over all attire to a great extent. Some of these are ties, scarves, belts, watches, sunglasses, hats, cufflinks and even wallets!

How to look dapper when you have a formal meeting or presentation to attend? Simply, coordinate the colors of your necktie and the suit you are wearing and team it up with sophisticated cufflinks. While on a casual outing, you may sport a trendy flat cap along with the basic pair of jeans and a waistcoat. These days, scarves in different patterns are also a hit. If you get high quality accessories they will last you a long time. Reach for your credit card once to invest in great stuff and you won’t need to again for quite a while because great stuff lasts! Enjoy your shopping!

Matching belts and shoes are no longer a necessity if you can combine the right accessories and outfit. Do not forget a pair of cool shades and a briefcase or a bag. High quality leather wallets are an integral part of men’s accessories. A good combination of these amazing accessories will definitely focus the attention on you!

Couture bags – great fashion accessories for women with style

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nullCouture bags are highly essential to look stylish. Keeping our needs in mind, various design houses have come up with varieties of bags for different occasions. Some of the couture bags are:

Clutches: These are very unique and available in plenty of chic designs. Small enough to hold, these are carried to accessorize the dress you may wear.

Satchel bags: These bags are meant to carry heavier items and come with shoulder straps.

Tote bags/ Hobo type bags: These bags look fashionable and have great utility as well. They look large and are suitable to carry stuff to work or college.

Duffel bags: These bags can carry small necessities while travelling and are available in a stylish range.

Fashion is largely dynamic and couture bags never go out of fashion. They are great fashion accessories for women who have an elegant style. You may spot the right couture bag in a store and also order online.

Smart tips to choose the right kind of fashion for women

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nullBeing a woman it is really very important to choose the right kind of fashion. But make sure you don’t choose it blindly as it would make you a victim of fashion. Some tips to choose the appropriate fashion for women are:

Know about the latest fashion trends from fashion magazines and shows. But also make sure that you are guided the right way as not all styles may look good on you. Be cautious while choosing your style.

An important aspect of clothing is to wear something that enhances the beauty of your body type. Certain dresses look wonderful on slender body types and that should not be tried on larger body frames.

Fashion is incomplete without the right kind of shoes, which enhances your overall look. While wearing a particular kind of dress, do not over look the importance of the right kind of shoes along with it.

Highly fashionable designer wear for today’s men and women

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nullThe modern men and women need look trendy and race with the present day fashion. Everyone loves to dress up and look elegant and best in their outfits. The highly fashionable designer wear are in great demand, the designer wear is of high quality, authentic, artistic and finishing of great quality. However the designer wear doesn’t come cheap making it unaffordable for few. Besides clothing there are accessories like handbags, sunglasses, belts, wallets, etc. one can buy designer clothes from supermarkets but is not favorable one can use internet.

The most popular designer wear among gals would be head gears, skirts, denims, blazers and various kinds of coats whereas men prefer designer blazers, denims, trousers, sunglasses, wallets and belts. One need to keep up with fashion as it is dynamic, keep on updating your wardrobe with current fashion.
One can choose evening outfit for a party, suits, coats and various accessories. Various designers launch their collections every season keeping in mind needs of their customers.

Some useful tips to clean your jewelry at home

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nullJewelry maintenance is very simple and easy if done correctly. In fact, the cleaning of your jewelry can even be done at home without giving it to a professional. Some of the tips to clean your jewelry at home are given below.

Make a solution of warm water and some dish washing liquid and soak your gold jewelries in them. After some time, clean the jewelries with a soft brush by scrubbing and dry them off with a soft rag.

In case of your diamonds, soak them in warm water and ammonia solution for about thirty minutes and then start scrubbing those areas where the dirt is filled. Once you scrub them with a soft brush, clean it with warm water. Lay them on a tissue paper and let them dry off.

Make sure that you just wipe your pearls with a cloth wet in a solution of water and dishwashing liquid. Don’t directly soak them in that solution as the strings might get damaged.
In this way you can give a sparkling new look to your old jewelries and ornaments.

White gold jewelry- the latest trend

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nullWith the increasing craze of wearing jewelry, white gold jewelry is probably the latest buzz in the world. They come in various designs for different occasions and look elegant. As yellow gold has been used as jewelry for over decades, white gold has given a change to the users. People buy bracelets, earrings, anklets or even their wedding rings made up of white gold. With the every changing trend, the demand for white gold ornaments started increasing.

It is a very good alternative of yellow gold and can be matched with any of your outfit very easily. It is an amalgamation of old and new trends which makes white gold jewelry so popular. so add up to your beauty by buying a white gold jewelry for yourself. You may get it from any jewelry store or if you don’t have time, you can even buy them from an online store.

Look elegant with gold jewelry

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nullGold jewelry has been considered as a symbol of status and sophistication since olden times. The reason why gold jewelries are so valuable is because of its worthiness. As time passed by the designs in gold jewelry became better and better. They help woman in grooming themselves as they make them look very posh and beautiful. There are variety of modifications made in gold jewelry that helped men and women in looking more stylish.

The intricate designs and the purity of gold play a major role in giving classy touch to your over all personality. Apart from that they are available in various forms which can be worn on your wrist forehead, ankle, neck, and so on. A perfect choice in gold jewelry will add definitely add up to your look.

Clothing the eco-friendly way

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nullThe global warming has led to concern among people to use organic products, same is applied to clothing. There is great demand and need of green clothing people are more concerned about what materials are used to make their clothing, is it made from sustainable resources.

With artificial materials and chemicals taking tool on human life people are moving towards organic materials. Eco-friendly clothing is made from natural products like soy, organic cotton and hemp.

The eco- friendly clothing might not be main stream now but with growing concern for earth and its environment it would become a rage, with the geological and economic problems eco-friendly clothing makes sense, clothes made from organic products and recycled material is highly effective and can be aid in reducing global warming.

Eco-friendly clothing is very trendy and goes hand in hand with present day fashion. As we live our lives we leave an impression of ours on earth buying eco friendly clothing helps planet earth and human race to have better future. Eco friendly clothes are costly but with time prices would come down, buy eco friendly clothing and be kind to your planet of existence- the earth.

10 clothing tips to look tall

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nullIf you are short and want to make yourself look taller then you need to know what to wear it’s a difficult job thou, but it’s possible to look taller then what you actually are, depends on your approach to dressing. There are 10 clothing tips to look tall they are as follows:

Dress in one color: Try one color from the shoulders to legs. Try dark colors like black, deep shade of blue or green, etc.

Wear tighter clothes: Choose clothes that fit you well, this would highlight your lines, help you look taller, don’t try any baggy clothes.

V-shape: choose clothes which have v-shaped or u-shaped necklines. It creates an impression of a taller look.

Avoid shorts and capris and mini skirt: Avoid wearing shorts as they tend make your legs more short. Try shorts that end closer to your knees it would help you look taller.

Avoid flat shoes: Flat shoes tend make you look smaller then you are as they focus on your feet emphasizing you are short. Try medium heels or ideal option would be to try stocky and chunkier shoes.

Try long shirts: It aids your torso to look taller.

Choose clothes with vertical lines: avoid garments with horizontal lines, try clothes with vertical lines.

Choose bright colored clothing: now if you have taller legs you can chose bright colored pants to emphasize your taller legs so whichever body part you want to emphasize which would help you look taller try bright colored clothing for the desired part.

Avoid bulky clothing: bulky clothing would make you look much smaller than you are.

Straight legged pants and narrow belts: straight legged pants would help, wide belts can hamper the vertical illusion we are trying to create.