Learn More about Eco-friendly Clothing

February 25, 2009  //  Posted by: Fashion Designer  //  Category: Clothing, Eco Friendly

nullOur planet is under the danger of global warming and it is our responsibility to prevent the planet from further pollution. Eco friendly clothing is basically designed for the people who are fond of nature and have strong desire to protect it from further pollution. Following are the types of materials used to make eco friendly clothing:

Bamboo fabric: IT is made using bamboo pulp and it does not require chlorine to bleach it. It uses minimum water as compared to other fabrics which need large amount of water and chemicals to dye them. Thus bamboo fabric is the step to help the planet.

Organic cotton: Organic cotton is more eco friendly as compared to traditional variety of cotton because it does not involve use of any kind of pesticides at the time of growth. The number of organic cotton farmers is increasing day by day.

Be kind to the planet and learn new things as how to use eco friendly materials to protect the environment.